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Plaza Biscuit Recipe – Food Friday

plaza biscuit recipe

I’m not entirely sure you are allowed to refer to yourself as a good southern cook if you can’t whip up some delicious biscuits to accompany your dishes. I don’t make the rules, I just make sure I can crush this Plaza biscuit recipe when I need to. Similar to how the baguette is sometimes seen as the mark of a good French baker, the biscuit is the benchmark food in the Southern culinary world. The ingredients are simple but it takes a good “biscuit hand” to pull them off.

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Thanksgiving Turkey – Recipe Friday

thanksgiving turkey recipe
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Our family has two traditions on Thanksgiving: cooking delicious food to share with family and friends as well as running the local Turkey Day 5K. Some of you out there are already doing the math and calling shenanigans on doing both of those things. I hear you. The Turkey Day 5K run starts at 8 am about 20 minutes away and a 16 lb turkey needs to be roasted before noon. How is that possible?

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Vegetarian Potato Leek Soup Recipe

vegetarian potato leek soup recipe
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Vegetarian potato leek soup has to be one of the easiest soups to make on a weeknight. It is three ingredients and almost as few steps. I promise that regardless of your current cooking skill level you can make this dish in 30 minutes. Impress your friends and family and make this soon.

Baby it’s cold outside…

Well… cold for Florida. It finally dipped down to the upper 68 degrees here in Florida for a couple days, so its basically winter now. We have our windows open and the air conditioner is getting it’s annual 2 month vacation from running 24/7. If it gets any colder I’ll have to rummage through the back my closet to find one of the two coats I own. We might even have to break out the long-sleeve shorts northerners oddly refer to as pants.

It is soup weather

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Pandemic Travel Scones: Safest way to see the world

pandemic travel scones recipe

Pandemic travel scones are a thing. Maybe a thing we invented but who cares. The COVID-19 pandemic upended the lives of nearly all Americans for almost the entire year (so far). We usually set up a budget each year that includes some traveling. Sometimes it is far away but more often a fun weekend close to home. We all know that isn’t happening but our pandemic travel scones recipe brings some of the magic home each weekend.

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Learn to Cook and Retire Earlier

learn to cook retire early

Are you being serious?

No, but also yes. Will cooking for yourself be that one simple trick financial advisors hate for you to know? Of course not, but it is definitely a valuable skill in the toolkit of life that will pay dividends in the long run. The math is simple enough to encourage you to learn to cook and retire early.

Learning to cook is a skill the world just expects you to have without providing any real structured way to learn it. It isn’t taught in American schools outside of the rare Home Economics class and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out fewer of those are even being offered.

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