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Step 15: College Savings Plan

College savings plan path to FI

Every parent wants a fully funded college savings plan for their child. There are very few parents out there that have no desire at all to save for their child’s college education. I bet that every parent wants to have a college savings account even if they cannot for some reason.  One reason is you need to care for your own financial future first. But if you have the room, your kid will thank you (eventually).

We all want our children to have an easier go at life than we were afforded, right or wrong. Like the majority of millennials, I left college with a sizable amount of student loans. Debt that took me more than 10 years to pay off. Any amount of college savings my parents could have provided me would have significantly reduced my payback period. I want to fast track my child’s path to FI and a solid college savings plan is key.

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My College Savings Story

my college savings story negotiate scholarship

I wish I had a “back in my day college was the same price as a night at the movies, and I could work 4 hours a week at my part-time job to cover the tuition” type of college savings story to share here.  Unfortunately I am a millennial, and college was already very expensive by the time I got there.  I also voluntarily chose to attend a private university instead of one of the state schools I was offered scholarships for, and I’m sure that didn’t help.

Despite all of that, I found an unusual way to save a lot of money on my college expenses. I was able to convince my school of choice to give me a free MBA before I even took my first class. My college savings story is one I don’t hear enough about.

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