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COVID Birthday Paradox

covid birthday paradox risk model

The holidays are upon us which means a time of celebrations with friends and family. Well, it would mean that in any other year. Unfortunately there is still a pandemic spreading across the country despite how some of your friends and family are acting on social media. You need to stay home this year and I brought the math on why using the COVID Birthday Paradox.

The problem is that we are all notoriously bad at calculating the actual risk we take when participating in our lives. All of us are. We grossly underestimate the external risk, overestimate our ability to personally mitigate it, and otherwise assume “it won’t happen to me”. The COVID Birthday Paradox calculation helps show the real risk of being in the room with a COVID positive person.

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Board Game Gift Guide – 2020

board game gift guide 2020

I love board games. Video games are great but board games provide a more tactile experience for me. There is just something about sitting at a table with friends, looking down at sea of opportunity on the board game, moving physical pieces around, and enjoying everyone’s reactions. They provide a social, community experience in a world of increasing isolation at our individual smart devices.

The best part is while you were sleeping on board games, they’ve been bringing the heat recently. I compiled a short board game gift guide for the financial independence enthusiast in your life.

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Thanksgiving Turkey – Recipe Friday

thanksgiving turkey recipe
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Our family has two traditions on Thanksgiving: cooking delicious food to share with family and friends as well as running the local Turkey Day 5K. Some of you out there are already doing the math and calling shenanigans on doing both of those things. I hear you. The Turkey Day 5K run starts at 8 am about 20 minutes away and a 16 lb turkey needs to be roasted before noon. How is that possible?

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